Intelligent Mobile Retail allows merchants to serve consumers where, when, and how they want to be served.


Now more than ever, retailers of all sizes must find new and innovative ways to provide quick access to goods and services if they are to remain relevant in today’s increasingly local economies. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented disruption for regional merchants, and the stay-at-home economy it has created is projected to have long-term effects.

If customers are less likely to visit physical stores, retailers must take their stores to the customers. The pandemic has supercharged the need for efficient hyperlocal fulfillment and personalized last mile solutions. Moving forward, for retailers to remain connected with local customers, and lessen their reliance on expensive third-parties, they must adopt direct-to-consumer sales strategies using efficient logistics and smart technologies to ensure speedy delivery and seamless brand experiences.

What's inside?

  • Last Mile Has Never Been More Personal
  • The Next Normal is Much More Local
  • Mobile Retail Drives the In-Market Channel
  • Category Spotlight: Restaurants
  • Category Spotlight: Grocery Stores
  • Mobile Retail Technology Provides a Pathway to Commercialize Electric Delivery Vehicles

Connected fleets of fully-electric mobile storefronts are on the horizon.

Launched in 2017 by a group of retail-tech entrepreneurs, the founders of StreetLogic® believe the future of retail will be built on intelligent networks of energy-conscious mobile storefronts, capable of mobilizing inventory in real-time to satisfy on-demand consumers in hyperlocal markets.

Fleat’s StreetLogic software is built on patented technologies that provide retailers a turn-key solution for effective last mile service. Using StreetLogic, simple delivery vehicles are transformed into intelligent and connected customer acquisition machines.